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Feature Year Round List

Are year-round schools in Michigan's future?

From Pontiac to Baldwin, a number of Michigan public school districts spent the fall preparing for a big change. Spurred on by $2 million in Michigan Department of Education grant funding, the schools will pilot transitioning to a year-round school calendar. But for students, parents and staff at Horizon Elementary in Holt, Mich., year-round school is nothing new, and all groups have come to one agreement: there are definite benefits.

Q&A with Barbara Cameron LIST

Q&A with Barbara Cameron

How did the Michigan Public Schools Partnership come to be, and why? InspirED Michigan talked with one of the initiative's founders from the Michigan Education Association (MEA) to learn more. As a UniServ Director in Livingston and Ingham Counties, Barbara Cameron represents school employees in Hartland, Howell, Dansville and Williamston. She shared with us her thoughts on partnership, public opinion and what's next.

11.14 Feature Shoe fits LIST

If the shoe fits, someone designed it

A roomful of art students had a problem to solve: How to design a shoe for a working woman that would be stable, stylish and not too expensive.

11.14 Feature Faith in Action LIST

DCS hopes to raise money for Faith in Action nonprofit

Dexter Community Schools is helping to raise support for the Faith in Action nonprofit, the lead charity organization for support of low income households.

11.14 Feature Buck Power LIST

In Buchanan, reform comes through renewed pride, citizenship and community spirit

Buchanan Community Schools is located in a rural area in Southwest Berrien County and comprises approximately 1,600 students. We are known as the Buchanan Bucks, and Bucktown Pride is a common mantra, whether you are in the schools or out in the community. Buchanan has always been a small, hometown community where generations of families have grown up, and Buchanan Community Schools have always been the center of activity.

10.14 Feature 1 Boyne LIST

Student videos promote careers in manufacturing

A student-produced video designed to showcase career opportunities in manufacturing won the $2,000 first prize in a Northwest Michigan Student Video Challenge. 

10.14 Feature 2 Nurses LIST

Every day and in emergencies, school nurses keep students safe

For Deanna Dubay, a school nurse in Saginaw, there’s no such thing as an average day. Being a school nurse means being on call, ready to address whatever emergencies arise. Whether it’s a student experiencing a seizure or a fire drill that affects the whole school, she’s there. But what about other staff members? How can the whole school community be prepared to respond in an emergency?

10.14 Feature 3 Ribbon LIST

8 Michigan schools awarded National Blue Ribbon recognition

Eight Exemplary High Performing Schools in Michigan were recognized recently as being National Blue Ribbon Schools for 2014 by the U.S. Department of Education.

Chef Corbett Day has helped his culinary students secure more than $2M in scholarships.

School is now in session: meet InspirED Michigan

School. For many, the simple word conjures images of blackboards, yellow school buses and Friday night lights. But for today’s children, school’s definition is so wide and varied a few fleeting memories couldn’t possibly capture it all.

10.14 Feature 5

Q&A with Matthew Provoast

Matthew’s interest in art and graphics started very young as he grew up in the small town of Hale, Michigan. Now a student of photography and graphic design at the prestigious Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, InspirED Michigan talked to Matthew to see how his education affected where he’s been, and how it helped him get where he is today.

10.14 Feature Math LIST

Math, fun? With creative teaching and baseball, anything's possible

Math and I have never been great friends. Oh I can get along with math all right when I have to, like when I try to figure out how much less per ounce I am paying for a 12-ounce box of Cheerios compared to an 8.9-ounce box. Just don’t ask me to figure out the grams.
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