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Q&A: Physical education teacher goes above and beyond to inspire students

Andrew Chapin’s day job is a physical education teacher at Mason High School, but he far surpasses his call of duty as a teacher. Chapin believes there is more to education than what is learned in the classroom, and he strives to use his passion for fitness and athletics to be a positive influence in youth’s lives.


Teachers of the year: Shining a spotlight on impactful educators

Every day, teachers walk into classrooms to dedicate themselves to student growth. But being a teacher is about so much more than academic instruction. It’s about serving as a support system, listener and role model.

Teacher list

Beyond evaluation: How Michigan supports its teachers

In early November, Gov. Rick Snyder signed new rules for evaluating teacher performance into Michigan law. Senate Bill 103 calls for research-based evaluation for Michigan educators, requiring school districts to establish performance evaluation systems that focus more on student growth and less on student test scores. But evaluation is only one part of the story. What are districts and administrators currently doing to support teachers before the evaluation even begins?


Every mistake is an opportunity to learn

Lisa Weise is a biology teacher and robotics coach at Holt Public Schools. For our teacher appreciation issue of InspirED Michigan, we asked her to share with us a first-hand perspective of what motivates her to go above and beyond for her students.

Annette Gleason of Michigan Virtual Schools.

U.P. teacher reaches kids across the state with virtual classes

In some ways, Upper Peninsula resident Annette Gleason is just like any other teacher. She develops relationships with her students, shares progress updates with parents and checks students' work to make sure they're grasping the material. But though she gets to know each kid, she rarely meets any of them in person -- she teaches hundreds of students across the state 100 percent online from her home.


Q&A: School nutrition is more than a salad

There is more to improving school nutrition than including a salad with every student’s meal. As many know, there are funding politics behind school lunches. In fact, school districts have recently implemented new standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Agriculture with the goal of improving student access to food, while addressing the complex issues of childhood hunger and obesity.


Connecting students to community through agricultural education

As high school students reach upperclassman status, they often begin to feel the pressure of "what am I going to do with the rest of my life?" At around 16 years old, many students may know what they’re passionate about, but little idea on how to turn these passions into a career path. Oakland Schools Technical Campus Southwest uses a hands-on curriculum to expand students’ ideas of what their skills and passions can bring to both their individual futures and their communities.


Partnership between hospitality students and Cultivate Michigan catches attention of USDA

What began as a lunch meeting in the Catering and Culinary Management (CCM) kitchen at the Muskegon Area Career Tech Center (MACTC) has blossomed into a farm to school initiative that has caught the attention of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


Detroit Public Schools create outdoor classrooms with farm to school initiative

It was a cold and rainy morning in Detroit. But when Stephanie Moyski and her class of eager fourth-grade students arrived to Drew Farms, their enthusiasm uplifted the spirits of Mother Nature’s drizzle. Student eyes grew big as they walked past the six high tunnels on the farm located at Drew Transition Center, a Detroit Public School (DPS) for 18- to 26-year-olds with cognitive and physical impairments. Their day was just beginning.


Wayland Union Schools' unique approach to nutrition

A banana yogurt split for breakfast? Making cookies to learn math concepts? These are just a few examples of how Wayland Union Schools’ Food Service Director Sarah Hawkins is promoting nutrition in Wayland, Michigan, while making it fun and delicious.


How City High students are leading the way with new composting program

It's lunch time at City High Middle School, and instead of sending their disposable lunch trays to the landfill, students are now turning them into a renewable process that generates soil. There has been a bit of a learning curve, and signs above the cafeteria waste bins show students what to compost, recycle and trash, but a new composting pilot at the school is projected to make a big environmental impact.


Q&A: School bus drivers play a crucial role in the lives of students, parents and community

While safe transportation for children to and from school is an essential in today’s world, it’s easy to forget how something as simple as a school bus impacts the lives of students, parents, teachers and community members.


The bigger picture: walking school buses create safer communities

Lack of access to safe walkways to school is a problem many communities face today, but one program in Flint is looking to help kids get healthy AND get to school safely.

CTE students access online curriculum while traveling to the CTE Center.

WiFi on school buses: turning travel time into learning time

As online learning and online access become a greater part of the educational world, offering Wi-Fi on buses may allow schools to turn the travel time into learning time.


Strong partnerships are a must when transporting our most precious community asset: children

Ingham ISD has been working with Dean Transportation to safely transport students for decades. Students with special needs require additional support to get to and from school each day. Dean Transportation drivers and staff make this happen.
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