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New gender inclusive guidelines will save lives and improve academic success in Michigan schools

The Michigan Board of Education recently approved a new voluntary guidance policy to help Michigan schools create supportive, welcoming, gender inclusive environments to reduce suicide rates among young people and keep students in school.


Q&A: The impact of counseling programs on schools and education

Dr. Patrick O’Connor’s commitment to education and experience with students in rural, urban and suburban schools gives him a unique perspective on the ways that a community impacts education.


OK2SAY effective tool for students to confidentially report issues

It started with a brief text from a student: “I don’t know who to talk to.” From there, it evolved into a revealing text conversation between the student and a dedicated, specially trained tip line technician. 


School safety dogs promote productive learning environments

Utilizing trained safety dogs to detect harmful substances in schools is not a new concept. But now, schools are finding ways to integrate the dogs into the school community, building a relationship of respect with students that means more than just interrupting the school day.

Public restroom

How the state's action supporting LGBTQ students could impact kids in Kalamazoo

Students speak out about what the Michigan Department of Education's new LGBT guidelines means to them, and how it will change policies moving forward.

be nice

Family tragedy inspires anti-bullying initiative in Muskegon schools

Notice, invite, challenge and empower. Those are the words that make up the mental health education curriculum for schools in Muskegon County, a curriculum inspired by a family tragedy and a sad statistic regarding mental health in teens.

Brian Whiston

Q&A: Parents and teachers work together to inspire students

Brian Whiston, state superintendent of Michigan, was named 2014’s Superintendent of the Year while working for Oakland Public Schools. Today, he brings that same dedication to teachers and students across the state.

Rick Joseph and his class

Learning and growing: A community process

Rick Joseph likes to walk into the first day of school eager to learn and take on a new year…as a teacher that is! As Michigan Teacher of the Year, Joseph teaches fifth and sixth grade at Birmingham Public Schools, but admits that he never stops learning from his students.


The comeback kids: How Grand Rapids Public Schools are making a dramatic turnaround

For years, Grand Rapids Public Schools seemed to be sinking. Now, that's all changing. GRPS Superintendent Teresa Weatherall Neal explains how, and why, the district is improving — and where it needs to go.

Laura Chapman

How I encourage student engagement with the first "good morning"

Tables are arranged, whiteboards cleaned and the teacher’s desk organized. As my students walk in, I greet each with an individual “good morning,” knowing that simple gesture is the first step to building a strong, successful classroom full of engaged students.

Students at Project Transformation: Greater Dallas

Q&A: Learning is just as important in the summer

Matthew Boulay is the founder of the National Summer Learning Association, a nonprofit focused on closing the achievement gap through summer learning. Boulay has a master’s degree in public policy from John Hopkins University and a doctorate in sociology from the Teacher’s College of Columbia University. His book, Summers Matter, is a guide for parents and educators on how they can support children’s education throughout the summer months. 


Language immersion programs bring the world to West Michigan

An ever-increasing number of students are opting for language immersion programs in schools across West Michigan, and parents, educators and researchers are finding that the focus on another language is resulting in better grades, higher test scores and a deeper connection with their city -- and their world.

The cast from last year's Cinderella

Lion King JR brings the arts to summer learning

Unleashing a child’s creativity can be likened to turning on a faucet — the water is plentiful, but needs to get to the surface. Grand Haven Area Public Schools Summer Theatre provides that outlet to children in the Greater Tri-Cities community. 

Students at the Careerline Tech Center Early College program

Early college program launched in Ottawa Area Intermediate School District

Officials from Ottawa Area intermediate School District, Herman Miller and Grand Rapids Community College are launching a new and unique early college program for area high school students, combining work and education experiences during the school year and summer months.


Transforming summer school with virtual learning

Summer school. Until recently, those were the last two words any high school student wanted to hear together. But these days, enrolling in summer courses is taking on a whole new meaning.
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