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2.15 Early College Feature LIST

Is starting college during high school Michigan's ticket to success?

Imagine a future where every Michigan student not only went to college, but started that collegiate career before they even left high school. What would that mean for our state? For our high school graduation rates? For our economy? For the kids who are often forgotten? For those struggling to break out of poverty?

2.15 Feature Avondale LIST

Avondale School District partners with Oakland University to explore new learning experiences

As public education in Michigan looks for innovative ways to educate our students, Avondale is taking a leadership role with its Avondale/Oakland University Partnership, which encompasses a spectrum of educational and community-focused services offered to students and district families.

Teachers John Evans, Ashley Kerns, Pamela Krebs and Michelle Williams work to solve intense math problems during an Intel Math professional development.

Positive results are multiplying with Intel Math

Subtracting anxiety and adding confidence is the formula for improved classroom math instruction. Local educators are altering their approach to teaching math with the use of the Intel Math Program and positive results are multiplying.

Feature 5 LIST

Parent engagement builds trust and academic success

For Grand Rapids Public Schools, one key to increased academic success for students has been connecting with their parents. Parent Essentials, a collaboration between GRPS, LINC, and Believe 2 Become, is doing just that. Writer Zinta Aistars finds out how a fresh approach to partnering with parents is benefiting everyone.

1.15 Feature Gogebic LIST

Calumet High School innovating education with 3D printing

In Michigan’s northernmost school district, you’ll find plenty of snow and plenty of innovation. Mark Bonenfant, an industrial trades instructor at Calumet High School, is increasing the opportunities for innovation. Bonenfant has been a leader in the revolutionary field of 3D printing for high school education. He was invited to participate in a volunteer program to place 3D printing technology in classrooms two years go, which sparked the beginning of this type of learning at Calumet High School. 

1.15 Feature Muskegon LIST

Students with disabilities gain work experience with Department of Natural Resources

After graduating this spring from Oakridge High School in Muskegon, Louis Boucher is on the hunt. “I’m looking for another job, working at a store or wherever I can find one,” says the 20-year-old. But his goals lie far beyond working at a store. After working as a youth ranger at Muskegon and Hoffmaster state parks this summer, Boucher feels the pull of the outdoors. He was such a diligent worker -- repainting picnic tables, clearing brush from trails, filling potholes -- that park rangers asked him to apply for a summer job next year.

1.15 QA LIST

Q&A with Doug Ward

Imagine being a high school student, but instead of the traditional math or science courses, you’re acquiring skills such as building solar panels, installing wind powered systems and designing electric cars to race at Michigan International Speedway. These tasks (and more) are a reality for students in the Mecosta-Osceola Career Center Innovative Engineering program.

1.15 Feature Ovid LIST

Teaching beyond the textbook: Ovid-Elsie High School breaks the norm

By the time senior year rolls around, many students find themselves bored of the traditional classroom setting -- books, assignments and exams begin to run together.


Parent University boosts student outcomes by empowering parents

Think school is just for kids? Think again. Parent University, an innovative program entering its second year in Grand Rapids, is an outreach of Grand Rapids Public Schools aimed at empowering local parents and adults of all ages and backgrounds to help children succeed.


Out of the classroom and into the community: How Muskegon students are contributing

Great Lakes deserve great students, and the West Michigan Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative connects curious learners with Pure Michigan environments. From planting trees to creating community partnerships, Marla R. Miller finds out how local students are becoming engaged problem-solvers at a few regional hubs.

12.14 Feature Van Buren LIST

College or straight to a career, Van Buren Technology Center makes it happen

With College Board putting the average cost of college to $8,893 per year for in-state students attending a four-year public college, it certainly does not hurt for kids to have their career options narrowed down when looking to the next chapter in their education. Van Buren Technology Center in Lawrence, Michigan is helping to do just that; exposing current high school students to a diverse range of career fields, hoping to make a transition to college or a career more efficient.  

Q&A with In Her Cups participants LIST

Q&A with In Her Cups participants

A few student participants of the In Her Cups fundraiser, Kaylee Milner, Madi Osburn, Lydia Stevens and Thaosia Yang, discussed their inspirations and thoughts on the Eaton RESA Career Preparation Center fashion program.  

12.14 Feature Running Blind List

Running blind: Leeza LaLonde overcomes disability to compete for Petoskey

Leeza LaLonde has faced a lot of doubt on her journey to become a runner for Petoskey's cross country and track and field teams. Every step of the way, however, she's refused to take no for an answer.

12.14 Feature Magic Formula List

The magic formula: Modern mechatronics

What happens when you combine electronic and mechanical systems with information technology, teachers with engineering experience and a roomful of curious high school students? What happens is a magic formula for success called mechatronics!

12.14 Feature Snow Clearing LIST

A community bonds together and makes a "green island in an ocean of snow"

Mother Nature was no match for a small town in northern Michigan when faced with the monumental task of facing down a snowstorm in time for a regional finals football game. 
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