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Teachers of the year: Shining a spotlight on impactful educators

Every day, teachers walk into classrooms to dedicate themselves to student growth. But being a teacher is about so much more than academic instruction. It’s about serving as a support system, listener and role model.


Every mistake is an opportunity to learn

Lisa Weise is a biology teacher and robotics coach at Holt Public Schools. For our teacher appreciation issue of InspirED Michigan, we asked her to share with us a first-hand perspective of what motivates her to go above and beyond for her students.


Q&A: Physical education teacher goes above and beyond to inspire students

Andrew Chapin’s day job is a physical education teacher at Mason High School, but he far surpasses his call of duty as a teacher. Chapin believes there is more to education than what is learned in the classroom, and he strives to use his passion for fitness and athletics to be a positive influence in youth’s lives.

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Beyond evaluation: How Michigan supports its teachers

In early November, Gov. Rick Snyder signed new rules for evaluating teacher performance into Michigan law. Senate Bill 103 calls for research-based evaluation for Michigan educators, requiring school districts to establish performance evaluation systems that focus more on student growth and less on student test scores. But evaluation is only one part of the story. What are districts and administrators currently doing to support teachers before the evaluation even begins?

Annette Gleason of Michigan Virtual Schools.

U.P. teacher reaches kids across the state with virtual classes

In some ways, Upper Peninsula resident Annette Gleason is just like any other teacher. She develops relationships with her students, shares progress updates with parents and checks students' work to make sure they're grasping the material. But though she gets to know each kid, she rarely meets any of them in person -- she teaches hundreds of students across the state 100 percent online from her home.
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Char-Em ISD: Teachers today, change the world tomorrow

Here’s 100 percent proof that teachers make an impact every day and help shape the world we live in tomorrow. Hear from eight alumni from high schools throughout Char-Em ISD that are changing the world we live in.


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