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New gender inclusive guidelines will save lives and improve academic success in Michigan schools

The Michigan Board of Education recently approved a new voluntary guidance policy to help Michigan schools create supportive, welcoming, gender inclusive environments to reduce suicide rates among young people and keep students in school.


OK2SAY effective tool for students to confidentially report issues

It started with a brief text from a student: “I don’t know who to talk to.” From there, it evolved into a revealing text conversation between the student and a dedicated, specially trained tip line technician. 


School safety dogs promote productive learning environments

Utilizing trained safety dogs to detect harmful substances in schools is not a new concept. But now, schools are finding ways to integrate the dogs into the school community, building a relationship of respect with students that means more than just interrupting the school day.


Q&A: The impact of counseling programs on schools and education

Dr. Patrick O’Connor’s commitment to education and experience with students in rural, urban and suburban schools gives him a unique perspective on the ways that a community impacts education.

Public restroom

How the state's action supporting LGBTQ students could impact kids in Kalamazoo

Students speak out about what the Michigan Department of Education's new LGBT guidelines means to them, and how it will change policies moving forward.
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Don't let there be another empty seat

Stop the silence. Help end the violence. OK2SAY is standing up against bullying in schools and the loss that can come with it. 

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