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John Birko supervises a student in the AAPS Homebuilding Class.

Washtenaw County's 5 most innovative high school classes

The modern high school curriculum doesn't look quite like it did a decade ago. While the core subjects remain, new ideas about how to teach to the next generation are finding their way into the classroom.


21 Things 4 Students program transforms tech-based curriculum

A simple question holds big answers in education these days: why are teachers working to incorporate technology into lesson plans?

Teacher list

Beyond evaluation: How Michigan supports its teachers

In early November, Gov. Rick Snyder signed new rules for evaluating teacher performance into Michigan law. Senate Bill 103 calls for research-based evaluation for Michigan educators, requiring school districts to establish performance evaluation systems that focus more on student growth and less on student test scores. But evaluation is only one part of the story. What are districts and administrators currently doing to support teachers before the evaluation even begins?


Troy Tech Talks open lines of communication

In a world consumed by instantaneous connections, screens and online relationships, students are both the new leaders in tech as well as those who take the brunt of its misuse by peers. For parents and teachers in the Troy School District, keeping lines of communication open is the name of the game -- this open communication now comes in the form of school-sponsored Tech Talks.


Q&A: The LEAGUE Michigan helps educators tie service learning into traditional education

Something nearly all teachers, parents, post-secondary educators and hiring professionals agree on is that in order for students to earn future success, they must have access to real world application. The LEAGUE Michigan is helping teachers bring real world application into their classrooms in a way that also exposes students to opportunities to make a difference in their communities.


EMU Bright Futures program practices positive youth development through service learning

“Ewww,” “yuck,” and “no way” can be heard emanating from the students when they learn what the owl pellet they are dissecting actually is! And then, the fun begins. Donning lab coats and preparing to explore the pellets, students discover the bones of field mice and reconstruct the skeletons.


From cradle to career: The scope of special education today

It takes an army. Intermediate school district administrators, educators and parents all play a role in order to provide students with disabilities the education they deserve and a chance to lead self-determined, independent lives.


START Community Conversations help students gain valuable opportunities

For decades, employees at DTE Energy in Detroit used an outdated filing system. It didn’t work properly and everyone hated using it. Anthony changed all that.


Early childhood education: First responders

What Johnny and Jane can accomplish in their formative years can impact their ability to receive a diploma and expand quality of life options. Implementing positive building blocks, that are appropriate and impact young children, are part of the Early On program at Washtenaw Intermediate School District.


Detroit Children's Choir brings together diverse voices from around the region

For several years, Detroit Public Schools has been working to keep arts education programs afloat amidst statewide budget cuts. In our Partners in Arts series, Model D and InspirED Michigan are exploring how partnerships with nonprofits throughout Detroit are ensuring DPS students have access to the arts and are experiencing the impact of music, dance, theater and more in their lives.


DSO webcasts bring classical music to Detroit classrooms

An innovative program of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra provides students with an opportunity to "attend" the orchestra without leaving their desks.


Matrix Theatre students create stage art around Detroit experiences

While many children indulge in video games and television when they return home from school, Matrix Theatre students are a different breed. These dedicated students spend their after-school hours -- and yes, even their precious weekends -- transforming abstract ideas into scripts, running lines and watching their concepts come alive on stage.


Standards may change, but the process remains

You can’t buy it in a can. Assessment literacy, when carefully taught, provides time to absorb, discern and put skills into practice. Some teachers claim to have a grasp of the subject, when in reality the data is often misunderstood, misinterpreted and misleading.


Virtual academy gets concrete results

In the past six years, more than 250 students who weren’t finding success in traditional schools have earned high school or general education diplomas through the St. Clair County Virtual Learning Academy. They were students who either were expelled, dropped out or weren’t finding their footing in classrooms.


Fraser Public Schools launches second year of hybrid summer learning

Over 150 students in grades three through six have access to a specialized hybrid summer learning program in Fraser Public Schools. The program, which is in its second year of existence, offers extended learning in English and math to Fraser Public Schools’ families.
29 Articles | Page: | Show All
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