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Brenda Carter and Superintendent Kelley Williams

School boards across Michigan have big plans for 2017

Not unlike many others in the month of January, school board members all over the state of Michigan begin to think about and plan those school New Year's resolutions they hope to accomplish in 2017.

Chef Nate Bates at Boyne Falls

Q&A: Promoting student health through serving fresh and local food in the cafeteria

Cindy Pineda is the superintendent and K-12 administrator for Boyne Falls Public School and Nate Bates is the chef. Together, they work to serve fresh and local ingredients through their food service program for breakfasts and lunches.

Liam with fresh veggies from the greenhouse

A school system that is growing more than just the future of its students

Whitefish Township Community Schools in Paradise, Michigan, found that hosting a greenhouse on school grounds serves as a hands-on teaching tool for reinforcing academic principals, social awareness and wellness.

Students working together through the LINK program

Bringing Woodland students together with kids from other local schools benefits everyone

Small moments: a touch, a smile, a shared glance. If these were physical objects, the floors at Woodland Developmental Center would be covered in them. They are, however, mostly invisible and always fleeting. The LINK program at Woodland brings students together to overcome obstacles and get to know each other through sharing these small moments.

Farm to school

Farm to school program is good for students, schools and farmers alike

Eating healthy food from local farmers across Michigan better prepares students to learn as it creates good lifelong habits.   
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Eat more fruits and veggies: Role model

Be a role model for your kids; eat more fruits and veggies! 


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